How It Works

After a brief consultation to ensure you qualify, we set up your scan at a local scan center. The appointment is roughly 15 minutes, and the scan itself takes about 12 seconds.

Your scan is reviewed by a certified radiologist who will look for any visible signs of cancer or heart disease. These results are also sent to your doctor.

How Is Smart Scan So Inexpensive?

The reality is that most medical services are a much lower cost than what you would pay at a hospital or even an outpatient facility.

When you get a CT Scan you are paying the going rate for a hospital or outpatient center. 

At Smart Scan, we have direct relationships with scan centers to bring you a low-cost alternative. The process is the same as traditional methods, but at a lower cost because we have negotiated lower rates that we can pass on to you.

We are not a medical center, nor are we physicians. We simply set up these relationships to provide a direct path for you to receive a full-body CT Scan at the lowest cost possible. Your scan is done with the same CT Scanner, and reviewed by the same radiologists, the only difference is you are paying a fraction of the cost.