How It Works

After a brief telephone consultation to ensure you qualify, we will schedule your screening CT exam with one of our licensed imaging centers. 

You will then be invited, via email, to log into our Patient Portal where you will be instructed to enter your medical history and answer a few questions. Our prescribing physician(s) will then review your information and issue the screening CT exam order, subject to his/her medical determination. Should the physician deny the order a refund will be issued.

Our office visits are approximately 15 minutes, and the actual CT scan to capture the images takes about 12 seconds.
Your full body images are then reviewed by a Board-Certified Radiologist, and your heart images are analyzed by Canon Medical System’s Vitrea software, which will produce your Coronary Calcium Score report. Both reports are then sent to you and your personal physician within 2-5 business days.

How Is Smart Scan So Inexpensive?

Our service eliminates the need for a separate office visit with your personal physician. Smart Scan’s physicians will provide the order/prescription for your screening CT exam.

Due to Smart Scan’s increased patient flow, our imaging centers can better utilize their facilities, and our radiologists can reduce their normal fees, allowing us to pass these cost savings on to our clients.

In addition, Smart Scan handles all the administrative duties for the medical professionals, eliminating wasted duplicate efforts, and allowing additional savings for our clients.

These items, when combined, allow Smart Scan and its medical professionals to provide the best possible care, at the lowest possible price.

With a quick call to Smart Scan, we provide a direct path to receive this normally expensive, lifesaving, screening CT exam, at a fraction of the cost.

Heart Attacks Can Be Prevented if You Know You Have Heart Disease,
Cancer is Best Treated When Detected Early.