What is Smart Scan?

Smart Scan can find the earliest stages of the leading killers: cancer, aneurysms, vascular and heart disease. We use High Definition CT Scans that can see details as small as 0.4 mm (about 1/50th of an inch), providing stunningly detailed images of organs and blood vessels to detect evidence of the earliest stages of atherosclerosis years before any other test.

Did You Know?

  • Heart Disease is the #1 Killer of Men and Women in the U.S.
  • Cancer is the #2 Killer of Men and Women in the US.
  • Get the Peace of Mind through Early Detection.
  • 54% of all Deaths in the U.S. and 55% here in the Tampa Bay Area are caused by Heart Disease and Cancer.
  • 1/3 of Individuals suffering from a Heart Attack have No Prior Symptoms.
  • Most Preventative measures, such as a Stress Test, cannot identify buildup until it’s too late.

So What Can You Do?

  • A Screening CT from Smart Scan which uses the Highest Technology available to Detect Heart Disease and many Cancers.
  • Early Detection of these Problems can Lead to Better Treatment and a more Successful Outcome.
  • We Provide Physician Ordered Screening CT Exams of the Chest, Abdomen, Pelvis and Heart in Order to Identify a Variety of Conditions Including Heart Disease and Various Forms of Cancer.
  • Cancer Screening Images are Read by a Board-Certified Radiologist.

Learn More:

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Examples of scans


This early lung cancer was found before the patient had any symptoms. It was cured with surgical removal.


Renal cancers are extremely difficult to cure once they have spread. This patient had no symptoms. The Full Body Scan revealed the tumor while it was still curable with surgery.


The Full Body Scan detects and quantifies Coronary Artery Disease earlier than any other test. Early detection and treatment can lower the risks of heart attack and stroke.